Thursday, May 14, 2009

Disgrace of Florida

How many people are aware that the Miami-Dade County Dept. of Corrections, in the last two years, have placed 64 male sex offenders and 1 female sex offender under the Julia Tuttle Causeway Bridge? How many of you believe in our US Constitution and our Bill of Rights? How many of you care about our Civil Rights and Liberties? Due to Miami-Dade residency restrictions of 2500 ft, there is no place for sex offenders to live so they place them under the Bridge. They had to buy their own generator to keep their GPS monitors charged. They have no running water, no restroom or porta potty, no shower, no place to remove their garbage to. They pay $7.00 a day for the GPS Monitors, that wasn't something they wanted to purchase and they should not have to pay for them. Not to mention all of these laws are doing anything. You are no more protected than you were 30 years ago. Most of them are lucky enough to have a job, but with little pay. There is a disabled man living under there in a wheelchair. He is a paraplegic. Who is he going to harm? When they were ready to release him, they took his adult diapers away and catheterized him. As far as I know, there has been no medical personnel that has checked his catheter. With many of them having jobs and the empirical threat of bacterial diseases, there could be an epidemic any day of staph infections. The ones that are working could not realize they have a staph infection, therefore, they are infecting co workers who will go home and infect their families and their children could infect other school children. Does anyone want this to happen? I plan on asking the Powers that be that question when I go with supplies to help them under the bridge. We will need to take as many bags of lime as we can afford so they can cover over where they use for a bathroom. We are also asking for donations monetary or by the different needs. We will need to take a lot of Clorox to clean everything that we can clean, a lot of bottled water by the gallons. When Miami-Dade County has an outbreak of staph infections, possible pseudomonous, mersa and many other staph infections that can kill. What will their answer be? When you ask how did this happen, what will they say? If any of you reading this are physicians or PA's and live near the area, would you be kind enough to go check on these people as a Good Samaritan? We will be taking adult diapers to the man in the wheelchair and pads to put underneath him so the catheter can be taken out. Surely him having diapers and pads would be healthier to get rid of those than the possible staph infection he could get by the catheter not being taken care of correctly. He also has none of his needed medications. I know that one is a heart medication. This poor man just sits there daily saying, "Their just gonna let me die here", over and over all day that is what he says. Personally, i am surprised he is still alive. Maybe the others under the bridge are doing a good job taking care of him. They all help each other. Neighbor helping neighbor is what our mission is called when we go down sometime in June. If any of you are Christians, please pray for these people. The ones there that are Christians are not allowed to go to churches anywhere. One day these lawmakers will have to face their Lord and Savior. I wonder how the conversation will go, what will their reward be in heaven if they are Christians? I ask myself these things daily as I pray for all of those living under that Bridge in such horrid conditions. What do you think?

Best Regards,
Betty Wyatt Price